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Booklet Printing

Booklet size A4 (210mm × 297mm), B5 (176mm × 250mm), A5 (148mm × 210mm) Booklets printed on glossy art paper 80gsm, 100gsm, 130gsm, 150gsm, 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, showing good color effect. Full color printing on both side (CMYK printing). Saddle stitch binding, it is recommended that within the spine less than 3 mm (about 40 pages). The spine exceeds 3 mm, we recommend perfect binding on booklet. We also offer Comb Binding strips stapled, hardcover bookbinding, wire binding, ring binding. Other size, paper, style, cover lamination, UV, hot stamping, and any printing services, please feel free contact us. Click here to get a free quote, we'll give you our best price.

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Clear and complete booklet promotion is an effective means to build enterprise brand and image. As a traditional graphic communication medium, corporate booklet can carry massive text and pictorial information. Accurate and successful design can clearly build and improve enterprise image.

Booklet enjoys a wide range of application. Although we are living in an electronic age, contracts are still printed on printing and we still use paper currency. This is because paper printing is unchangeable. When flyers specification or massive specification fails to accommodate complicated advertising content, there would be a need for multiple-page booklet. Such multiple-page booklet must be coherent in content in editorial policy and have its own characteristics in layout or artistic stance. Colorful booklets can provide knowledge, stimulate customer's potential act, and can be used as reference or permanently preserved.

Booklet has become a crucial means for publicity and display. Booklets, on the one hand, highlight the spirit and core concepts of enterprise, and include substantial information such as production capacity, features and products on the other hand. Therefore, corporate booklet printing, planning and planning is actually a process to refine and display corporate philosophy instead of simple integration of picture and text. The printing of a remarkable corporate booklet is expected to bring artistic perception and show enterprise strength and spirit rather than provide boring text and dull picture. It can be magnificent, detailed, colorful and plain. Excellent design personnel and senior planners tailor for companies and the government and make corporate booklet an enjoyment of art and marketing motive. Corporate image booklet is also known as visual identification system booklet or VIS manual, including base system (logo design, standard font design, corporate booklet design, characteristic combination, etc.) and application system (office supplies, business form, vehicle and environment design, etc). Enterprise philosophy and values are incorporated into systematic visual transmission system to arouse a sense of identity among the public and achieve the goal of enterprise identification.

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